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Cutter for door outside profiles and frames
Cutter for door outside profiles and frames
This set consists of 2 cutterheads with steel body and replaceable
hard metal (HW) knives, which are already fitted on the cutterhead bodies. It is also includes the spacers for height adjustment and the rounding inserts with their supports to be used for finishing the door profile.
You can carry out the door jamb in either horizontal or vertical position by choosing the most suitable rubber insulating gasket for your working.
The door jamb can be achieved by combining the two cutterheads together. The height can be adjusted with the two calibrated spacers. The outside door profile can be also rounded by means of the 3 mm rounding inserts already supplied, or the bigger ones, which must be ordered separately, up to a 5 mm radius, while the inside door profile is executed with the 1 ,5 mm rounding inserts.


Technical data

Body of steel


Ø ht ZR Art øf 30 mm Art øf 35 mm Art øf 40 mm Art øf 50 mm
140 126 30 2 3190 3191 3192  
Parts and Accessories
Standard Spare parts
Standard Spare parts
L h S-ht Code
30 12 1,5 184000300 Knife
14 14 2 184000014 Spur
30 15° 2 184993015 Knife
3 184110103 Knife upper
R 3 184240203 Gleaner
R 1,5 184240201 Gleaner
M 5 959340507 Screw
M 5 959330512 Screw
M6 959230614 Grub
T 20 90002T200 Tork key
E 3 900110300 Exagonal T key
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
L h S-ht Codice
4 184110104 Knife upper
5 184110105 knife upper
R 2 184240202 Gleaner
R 4 184240204 Gleaner
R 5 184240205 Gleaner
Item code
3190, 3191, 3192
Cutter for door outside profiles and frames
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