Cutterhead set for windows
Cutterhead set for windows
Economic a set of cutters head for the handicraft realization of wooden windows

Serr_54.pngSerr_54-Anta-doppia.pngThis set consisting of 3 cutterheads allows you to produce 54/58 mm and 68/64 mm thick windows in several passes.
The diameter and the cutting length of each cutterhead are designed to reduce to a minimum the number of working phases for the construction of windows, even if this is not a programmed tooling system, in fact, it is quite cheap.
As shown in the picture, the cutterheads are supplied with hard metal (HW) knives, spurs and rounding inserts. They are already fitted on the tool’s body, but they are used only in some working phases. The spacers supplied with this cutterhead set allow you to adjust perfectly the projection between the first cutterhead Ø 140 mm and the second one Ø 116 mm.
In both schemes of the 54/58 mm and 64/68 mm thick window construction you can notice a cutterhead marked as “optional”. That is a 10 mm thick tenoning cutter. It is not included in the set, because it is a basic carpenter’s tool and the most customers already own it. Moreover the tenoning cutter must be chosen considering the thickness of the window you want to produce as weel as the capacity of your machine.
The schemes provide for a 20 mm glass windowpane. This can vary according to your requirements. It can be used a 10 mm thick tenoning cutter (in several passes), an adjustable tenoning cutter or, alternatively, you can also mill the junction between jambs and transoms and join them by means of pins and screws.

diagram window air 4 thickness 54/58 mm
Serr_54.png Serr_68-Anta-doppia.png
diagram window air 12 thickness 64/68 mm

Technical data

Body of steel


Ø ø ht ZR Art øf 30 mm Art øf 35 mm Art øf 40 mm Art øf 50 mm
140 126 116 30 2 3187 3188 3189  
Parts and Accessories
Standard spare parts
L h S-ht Codice
30 12 1,5 184000300 Knife
14 14 2 184000014 Spur
30 15° 2 184993015 Knife
4 184110104 Knife upper
7 5 184115105 Knife water
R 3 184240203 Gleaner
R 1,5 184240201 Gleaner
M 5 959340507 Screw
M 5 959330512 Screw
M6 959230614 Grub
T 20 90002T200 Tork key
E 3 900110300 Exagonal T key
Optional spare parts
L h S-ht Codice
3 184110103 Canalino superiore
5 184110105 Canalino superiore
R 2 184240202 Spigolatore
R 4 184240204 Spigolatore
R 5 184240205 Spigolatore
Item code
3187, 3188, 3189
Cutterhead set for windows
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