Professional Finger joint cutterhead
Professional Finger joint cutterhead
This is one of the fastest and simplest kind of joint.
You mould the first work piece according to the height desired.
Then you remove the cutterhead from the spindle of your machine, insert the special calibrated 2,5 mm spacer, which is supplied, fit the tool again on the spindle and carry out the second moulding on the second work piece.
This tool is fitted with hard metal (HW) knives.


Profiles obtained with standard knife
Profiles obtained with knives optional

Technical data

Body fo steel



ht S-ht Z Art øf 30 mm Art øf 35 mm Art øf 40 mm Art øf 50 mm
140 80 5/80 2 3215 3216 3217 3218
Parts and Accessories
Standard spare parts
L h S-ht Codice
80 25 2 184108250 Knife 90°
M6 14 959230614 Grub
E 3 900110300 Exagonal Key
Optional spare parts
L h S-ht Code
80 25 2 184108250 Knife
Item code
3215, 3216, 3217, 3218
Professional Finger joint cutterhead