Type 2C
Type 2C
Type 2C Rabbeting cutter HM Z2
Rabbeting cutter
This cutter is equipped with a Ø 1 3 mm bearing and the other substitutive bearings are sold separately.
All these ball bearings can also be used for the other cutters with interchangeable ball bearings.
By using the bearings of Ø 7, 1 0, 1 3, 1 9 mm, it is possible to obtain accurate rebates which can be repeated over and over, for example in the construction of furniture.
Besides with a Ø 32 mm bearing this cutter can be used for trimming.
Since the diameter of this cutter allows for a considerable removal of material, we strongly recommend you to take all necessary safety measures.

Technical data


Ø ht LT Art.G.ø 6 Art.G.ø 8 Art.G.ø 12
32 12 55 599 488 3269
32 20 60   1243 1242
Item code
599, 488, 3269, 1243 1242
Type 2C
Type 2C
Type 2C
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