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Transport rollers TR
The photo shows the same roller in two locations, the sale is single
Transport rollers TR
TR 3 and TR 6, transport rollers, skates allow you to freely position under the machine, very useful for machines with non-symmetrical support



For easy and safe transport of heavy objectsJUC6192120_Rulli_reg6-singo.png


Large nylon rollers running on ball bearings as well as a slip-resistant rubber surface











Technical data
Type TR 3 TR 6
Code JUC6193030 JUC6193060
Lifting capacity 3 ton 6 ton
N° rolls 4 6
Diameter roll  85 x 90 mm 85 x 90 mm
Dimension mm 400x228x100 420x340x120
Pcs per pack 1 1
Weight 9,5 kg ca 12 kg. ca
Item code
JUC6193030, JUC6193060
Transport rollers TR