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Professional Mechanic Vise
Professional Mechanic Vise
Series mechanical vise with swivel base forged steel high resistenzacon jaws round.

Vice alloy iron / carbon high strength (207N / mm2)
merged in a single block for a great strength and durability
Large surface anvil
Powder paint resistant epoxy sceggiature
Jaws straight and round replaceable
The best grip for professional mechanics

Technical data


Code 21300 21400 21500 21800
back width 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm 200 mm
Spanwise 115 mm 133 mm 150 mm 210 mm
Depth of cut 87 mm 95 mm 105 mm 115 mm
Size mm        
Peso 19 Kg 25 kg 31 Kg 42 Kg
Item code
J21300, J21400, J21500, J21800
Professional Mechanic Vise
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