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Floor jack RWH
Floor jack RWH

With load and guide rollers made of cast iron
Short type
Compact and stable
Handy carrier handle
RWH 2.5
Including attachment piece to extend the saddle
Including second fixing point for the lever: due to the QUICK LIFT function with only one stroke at the fixing point of the vehicle
Easy lifting after replugging the lever

Technical data
Type RWH 2 RWH 2,5
Code JUC6201100 JUC6201101
Lifting capacity 2 ton 2,5 ton
Min. height 130 mm 150 mm
Max. heigh 345 mm 530 mm
Dimension mm 480x220x150 680x290x185
Weight 9,6 kg ca. 18 kg ca.
Item code
JUC6201100, JUC6201101
RWH2,5 Expandable saddle facilitates working on the vehicle
Floor jack RWH
Floor jack RWH
Floor jack RWH