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Floor jack type sport RWHA
RWHA 1500 - RWHA2500
Floor jack type sport RWHA
The hydraulic jack designed to act with lowered suspension

Extra flat, particularly appropriate for low-slung cars
Valve control via inner frame and knob in the pump lever
Slow safe lowering when loading
Convenient and easy lifting by means of the hydraulic system and long levers
Two handy lateral aluminium carrying handles
RWHA 1500
Light-weighted robust aluminium structure
Incl. stable cylindrical load roller
Rubber plate protects the saddle and vehicle
RWHA 2500
Robust structure made of aluminium and steel

Technical data
Type RWHA 1500 RWHA 2500
Code JUC6201106 JUC6201109
Lifting capacity 1,5 ton 2,5 ton
Min. height 85 mm 100 mm
Max. heigh 445 mm 465 mm
Dimension mm 660x294x170 650x292x17
Weight 19,5kg ca. 24,4 kg ca.
Item code
JUC6201106, JUC6201109
Rubber plate on the saddle and jacket of the pump lever protect the vehicle chassis
Floor jack type sport RWHA
Floor jack type sport RWHA