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Hydraulic stamp car jacks HSWH
Hydraulic stamp car jacks HSWH
Pick up a car, a caravan or trailer can be an easy job and dark enough to have the right tools and reliable

Stacks with grooved stamp disc and turning off stamp
Extremely strong cylinder
Can be positioned very low at the bottom position
Very stable and non-tilting due to a large base plate made of special cast providing for a safe stand
Smoothly running two-part pump tilt lever incl. fit for valve control
Very robust, stable and durable due to reinforced wall
For short transits  -  Flexible use to move heavy loads

Technical data
Type HSWH 3 HSWH 5
Code JUC6201000 JUC6201001
Lifting capacity 3 ton 5 ton
Min. height (A) 194 mm 216 mm
Lifting height (B) 118 mm 127 mm
 Fitting height (C) 60 mm 70 mm
Max. height (D) 372 mm 413 mm
Footprint (ExF) 92x100 mm 96x112 mm
Weight 3,6 kg ca 4,5 kg ca


Item code
JUC6201000, JUC6201001
Hydraulic stamp car jacks HSWH