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Milling and drilling center ST-MD25VL
Milling and drilling center ST-MD25VL
Milling and drilling center ST-MD25VL, Milling light for all uses

With the router can also perform slots, slots and other milling, because the attack on Morse taper which installed the spindle or other types of attacks, it is simply inserted into the spindle nose, but it is also considered by a threaded rod-rod.
The machine is equipped with a spindle for precision drilling, milling if you want to buy a chuck ER collets for milling You preserve so the precision of the spindle drill and you will get a better job.

  • Column with dovetail guides and protection to steel bellows
  • Protection bellows for the column with stainless steel blades to prevent damage trocioli machining prismatic column
  • Constant speed control and power
  • Two speed ranges for work every meteriali
  • Digital display for rotation speed
  • Spindle left and right
  • Reverse rotation (left) with half speed
  • Digital control of the depth of descent spindle with zero incremental
  • Rapid descent with the crank levers
  • Lock down and down fine
  • Inclination of the head to the right and left
  • Rod M 12 spindle
  • T-slots 12 mm
Technical data
Model ST-MD 25VL
Cod. art 230V ST92004M
Drilling capacity (Fe37) Ø 25 mm
Cutting capacity of face mill (Fe37) Ø 63 mm
Cutting capacity of end mill (Fe37) Ø 20mm
Distance spindle column 160 mm
Max. distance between spindle / table 310 mm
Spindle protrusion for tips about 120 mm
Spindle taper CM3 / M12
Spindle stroke 50 mm
Spindle speeds : variable 2 ranges

50÷ 1125 giri/1'

100÷ 2250 giri/1'

Table size 180x 500mm
Max. Table stroke x-axis 490 mm
Max. Table stroke y-axis 150mm
Max. Table stroke z-axis 310 mm
Head tilting range ± 90°Dx e Sx
Number of T-slots in table 3 / 12 mm
Power 600W
Dimension 500x 450x 890 mm
Weight 113Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Drip chips
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Mobil Base
Item code
Standard equipment
Digital speed display
Reverse rotation with reduced speed
Display the vertical stroke didiscesa micrometer spindle
Precise chuck 1-16 mm with taper MT3
Rod M12 / CM3
Tool box on the machine
Pair of carbon brush parts
Bellows protection and coating steel column
The table of the ST-MD25V is designed for connection to a system of lubricating refrigerant
Milling and drilling center ST-MD25VL
Photo of optional accessories fitted
Milling and drilling center ST-MD25VL
Milling and drilling center ST-MD25VL