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Milling / drilling center JMD-3
Milling / drilling center JMD-3
Milling / drilling center JMD-3, Electronic motor, which can drilling, threading and milling

A center drilling and tapping is better than a drill cutter that you can also run quarries, and other milling slots, but thanks to the electronic motor can also thread and pull the male with the help of reverse rotation.
It 'a silent machine, precise and powerful, without mechanical parts subject to early failure.
The attack on Morse taper with which installed the spindle or other types of attacks, it is not simply inserted into the spindle nose, but it is considered also by a bar-threaded tie rod.

Technical data
Model JMD3
Cod. art 230V 50000050M
Distance spindle column 230mm
Spindle stroke 70 mm
Spindle taper CM 3 / M12
Drilling capacity (Fe37) Ø 20 mm / M 10
Cutting capacity of face mill (Fe37) Ø 50 mm
Cutting capacity of end mill (Fe37) Ø 20 mm
Head tilting range 90° Sx / 45° Dx
Table size 160 x 510mm
Speed range : variable

100 ÷ 1750 giri/1'

Max. distance between spindle / table 210 mm
Max. Table stroke x-axis 350 mm
Max. Table stroke y-axis 150 mm
Number of T-slots in table 3 / 12 mm
Potenza output S1 1000 W
Potenza input S6 1300 W
Dimension 700x560x850 mm
Weight 165 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
art. J50000056
Mobil base
Item code
Standard equipment
• Variable speed control with digital display
• Micro adjustable spindle downfeed with digital display
• Quick-clamping chuck 1–13 mm with Arbor MT-3
• Draw bar M12
• Drilling and milling guard with limit switch
The control panel is simple and allows you to set the speed to run the filettaura, after entering the piece to extract the male, just press the green button in the handle to reverse the direction of rotation.
Milling / drilling center JMD-3
Milling / drilling center JMD-3