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Milling machine JMD 388D / JMD 388DOS
JMD 388 DOS milling machine with 3-axis digital readout
Milling machine JMD 388D / JMD 388DOS
Milling strong and cheap, a true professional machine, a good shaper.
Prismatic column: no slipping or twisting stress. Tilting head: greater versatility.

Center drilling and milling precision
     Two-stage motor with 6 gears to define the speed and make the most of the power with high torque at all engine speeds
     Drilling head sliding on prismatic column and adjustable for machining inclined at 45 ° to the left and to the right.
     Large table with ground prismatic guide and adjustable from 16 mm T-slots
     Descent control micrometric
     Safety microswitch on the spindle protection

DOS version has 3 axis display

Technical data
Model JMD 388D JMD 388DOS
Cod. art 400V 5000388DT 5000388DOT
Distanza max centro punta/colonna 275 mm 275 mm
Automatic sleeve stroke 120 mm 120 mm
Spindle taper (DIN 2080) MT 3 / M16 MT 3 / M16
Drilling capacity (Fe37) Ø 32 mm / M 16 Ø 32 mm / M 16
Cutting capacity of face mill (Fe37) Ø 75 mm Ø 75 mm
Head tilting range 45° Sx / 45° Dx 45° Sx / 45° Dx
Table size 210 x 730 mm 210 x 730 mm
Spindle speeds : 6+6

50 ÷ 2500 giri/1'

50 ÷ 2500 giri/1'
Max. distance between spindle / table 350 mm 350 mm
Max. Table stroke x-axis 410mm 410mm
Max. Table stroke y-axis 285 mm 285 mm
Number of T-slots in table 3 / 16 mm 3/16 mm
Power output S1 1000 W 1000 W
Size 850x875x2050 850x875x2050
Weight 405Kg 405Kg
Item code
J5000388DT, J5000388DOT
Standard equipment
Lubricating and cooling system integrated
Drawbar M16
Protection of milling and drilling
Base tray with chip deflector
JMD 388D
Milling machine JMD 388D / JMD 388DOS
Tilting head +45 ° / -45 °
Milling machine JMD 388D / JMD 388DOS
Milling machine JMD 388D / JMD 388DOS