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Professional lathe BD210VS HD
ST BD 210 VS HD gear change speed and quick using the knob
Professional lathe BD210VS HD
Lathe professional ST-BD210x400 VS HD, the lathe as everyone knows, professional and reliable as the machines SwissTec

  • Spindle speeds ranging from 100-2500 rpm / min divided into 2 ranges to give more torque (at the same speed always choose the slowest range for more power)
  • Left and right rotation
  • In the reverse rotation speed is halved
  • Digital display for the speed of rotation
  • All the gears and moving parts are metal
  • Interchangeable gears for different thread pitches,
  • Guide induction hardened and ground precision with adjustable gibs for the elimination of the games
  • Transverse adjustment of tailstock for taper and alignments
Technical data
Model ST-BD210VS HD
Cod. art 230V JST93003M
Swing-Ø over bed 210 mm
Swing-Ø over bed gap max. 105 mm
Swing-Ø over cross Slide 130 mm
Swing-Ø over transvert Slide 115 mm
Distance between centre 400 mm
Width of bed 100 mm
Taper spindle nose CM 3
Spindle passage Ø 21 mm
Dimension tool 8 x 8 mm
Carriage travel 376 mm
Cross slide travel 75 mm
Top slide travel 55 mm
Speed : variable 2 steps

50 ÷ 1250 giri/1'

100 ÷ 2500 giri/1'

Quick change speed YES (Knob)
Tailstock travel 65 mm
Tailstock taper CM 2
Feeds mm/rpm 0,089 - 0,147 - 0,198
Metric threads (11) 0,5 - 3 mm
Imperial threads (8) 10 - 44 TPI
Power 600 W
Dimension 880x 495x420 mm
Weight 80 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Tailstock rotating interchangeable heads (optional)
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Mobil base for ST-BD210
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Drill chuck 1 - 13 mm
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Steady rest
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Follow rest
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Face plate for ST-BD 210
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Concentric chuck Ø 100 mm with 4 jaws for ST-BD210
NOT suitable for taking wood (see wood chucks)
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Quick change tool turret 40 positions with 4 tool holders
Item code
Standard equipment
Speed ​​controlled with digital display
HD Version - Quick speed range
3-jaw chuck Ø 100 mm
Jaws reverse
Fixed tailstock CM3 (spindle side)
Fixed tailstock CM2 (tailstock side)
Tool holder with 4 positions
Chip tray
Chuck guard
Spare gear set for metric or inch
Service keys
The control panel is ergonomic and above the lathe is a place a rubber pad brings professional tools like lathes.
Professional lathe BD210VS HD
The dual guide rail of the bed is induction hardened and ground. The Tailstock has the quick lock position by the lever and adjustment of the taper.
Professional lathe BD210VS HD
The only difference between the version of VS and VS HD is this knob that allows you to quickly switch between low range and high range speed steel used for example for light alloys
Professional lathe BD210VS HD
Professional lathe BD210VS HD