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Set cone spindle Collet holder
The photo is art. J50000105 and may not correspond to other articles
Set cone spindle Collet holder
Set spindle cone collet holder , which is essential to mill and get the best out of your machine without destroying the chuck for drilling

Used on all drills and milling cutter, check the size of the cone of your car and the tie rod

Technical data
Cod art. 50000105 50000125 50000180 JST92002.05
Spindle ISO 30 ISO 40 MT 3 MT 2
Cone size ER 32 ER 32 ER 40 ER 25
N° collets 11 pcs  11 pcs 7 pcs 5 pcs
Collet size da ø4 ÷ 20 mm da ø4 ÷ 20 mm da ø6 ÷ 25 mm  
Application ex. JMD 45-836 JTM4 JTM 1050 JMD 3 - 15-18 STMD16-20-25
Item code
J50000105, J50000125, J50000180, JST92002.05
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