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Tuareg Off-Road Sump Guard
Tuareg Off-Road Sump Guard
Tuareg Off-Road Sump Guard
The Tuareg Sump Guard will protect the most important part of your bike and it's made with a structural aluminium alloy 5mm.

The sump guard is the element that’ll protect our motorbike important parts like the sump and the oil filter, probes and exhaust manifolds, without the motorbike cannot function, and it extends to protect the shock absorber linkage as well.

It guarantees a wide protection, for example in case of impact with an obstacle (such as a rock), provided by a solid structure thanks to its thickness of 5mm.

Produced in structural aluminium alloy “Paraluman”, with strength and great resistance to corrosion features, TIG welded by an artisan with multiannual experience, to create a work of art ready to be applied on your motorcycle.

The wide grids help cooling the exhaust and catalytic converter.

Such a sturdy product couldn’t be fixed to the original attachments so we equipped it with an anchoring plate to attach directly to the motorbike frame so impact strength can be distributed and absorbed on more than one points (easel stand).

To preserve its beauty and durability over the years it’s available in two colours: Anthracite Painted (Coated with anti-scratch powder and annealed in the oven) and Natural brushed aluminium.

Technical data
Caratteristiche    Features
Codice articolo Antracite SM6020250 Anthracite article code
Codice articolo Spazzolato SM6020258 Brushed alu. article code
Dimensioni 600X443X290 Size mm
Peso 5,2 Kg Weight
Item code
SM6020250, SM6020258
Tuareg Off-Road Sump Guard
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