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V7 roof rack
v7 Roof Rack
V7 roof rack
Prepared for quick fixing of the Roof rack plate or the bag’s roll plate.

The V7 is a really versatile motorbike and to make it perfect for us we need a really useful accessory: the equipped roof rack.

Provided with grids, for letting straps pass, it has a wrapping and secluded shape that perfectly align with the bike.

On this Roof Rack, we find an area we can use to accommodate tiny bags and also allows for lodge various accessories such as:

-Top Box plate;

-Luggage rack for roll bag;

-Sissy bar (Passenger’s backrest).

Made in structural steel 3mm thickness to be able to support your load even on rough grounds, it’ll be coated with an anti-scratch powder that’ll increase its beauty and durability.

Technical data
Caratteristiche   Features
Codice articolo Antracite SM3010560  Anthracite article code
Dimensioni mm 190x250x11 Size
Peso 0,8 Kg Weight
Item code
V7 roof rack
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