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Clamping Plate for Multi-Pieces Working
Package includes: 178 mm diameter disk with M33x3,5 mm thread 12 cups diameter 40 mm complete with screws Tailstock faceplate MT2 complete with 6 points
Clamping Plate for Multi-Pieces Working
Created for turning 3 or 6 workpieces simultaneously in order to obtain semicircular objects.

It is composed by a faceplate with M33x3,5 mm shank,
where 3 or 6 aluminium cups with a 40 mm diameter are fixed in order to
hold the workpieces, and a MT2 clamping plate for the tailstock where the
respective tailstock points hold them up safely.
Designed in collaboration with Mr Manfred Gangl (Austria).

The cups are characterised by 2 series of incisions of 4 or 6 divisions;
this makes it possible to turn the pieces with great precision.
The piece must be fixed to the cup with the use of a 4mm screw.


Example of assembly and use
The clamping plate for multi-pieces working has been created with
the aim of producing more pieces at the same time and can also
be used together with a copying attachment. For the production
of a series of teaspoons, first we turned each piece singularly for
turning down square timber to round one and creating a sphere on
the bottom. After that, we finished the workpieces simultaneously
in four phases by using a copying attachment to obtain the handles.
Finally, we empty the spheres to obtain the buckets.

Technical data


Ø max Clamping plate thread
Tailstock faceplate
Kg Ø min Ø max Art.
178 M33x3,5 CM 2 / MT 2  2,5 70mm 150mm 4082
Item code
JFWP1806, 4082
Clamping Plate for Multi-Pieces Working