Conical chuck
Conical chuck
The particular cylindrical shape, without any harshness makes it safe even if you are and work very closely with gouges

Its particolar cylindrical shape makes it safe even if you are working very closed to cutting tools or by hands. Suitable for all types of woods whose fibers are in the longitudinal direction.

Easy to use: mount the cone-shaped chuck, then make one end of your timber slightly conical, dampen it slighltly and insert it into the the body of the chuck.

With the help of a hammer/mallet, block the woodpiece. After the wood has swollen due to its humidity, the chuck can hold it securely.

Technical data
32 90 M 33x3,5 3850
40 90 M 33x3,5 3851
Item code
3850, 3851
Conical chuck
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