Nylon toe tailstock
Nylon toe tailstock
The cap in Nylon is used in place of the central tip of the tailstock, allows to support the piece already finished with a delicate support avoiding it breaks just in moments of machining.

The nylon rod ø 15 mm has a tapered internal bore to take your piece and an outer conical tip useful if divete hold a piece drilled. 30 mm from the tip is flat serves to support and maintain thrust in the tailstock of a finished piece. The tip is a 50mm head to tailstock reverse nylon so as not to ruin your piece.

Technical data
Ø Lt Attacco Art
15 25  Cone centre of live centre 3856
30 25 Cone centre of live centre 3956
50 25 Cone centre of live centre 3957
Item code
3856, 3956, 3957
Nylon toe tailstock
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