Flexible shaft
Flexible shaft
Flexible shaft with pillow block

Two decades of experience in the field of flexible shafts for electric milling machines have aided Gamma Zinken in the development of a new flexible shaft with a pillow block.
This shaft epitomizes a high level of technology and precision workmanship. It is fitted on four high-speed bearings, with an innovative adjustable clutch, which protects both the product and the user.

Because of its unique pillow block, which keeps the machine in a horizontal position, all portable routers currently on the market can be used with this flexible shaft.
The pillow block can rotate on the axle and ensures mobility and wide operating space.
In conjunction with multi-sharp rotating files or grinders, this shaft can be used for a wide range of applications with wood working, such as art furniture, restorations, sculptures, model-making, in the mechanical field, finishing of moulds and tool-making, for goldsmith’s art and in other fields.

Technical data
Art 3071
machine connection Ø 6 e Ø 8 mm
Max speed 24000 giri/1'
Maximum distance support 1700 mm
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Spring collets
Ø mm Art.
2,35 14
3 15
3,2 11
4 16
6 17
Item code
Clutch The clutch represents an exclusive novelty for the flexible shaft. This clutch was designed in order to offer maximum safety, as it will reduce the speed of rotation or completely bring the tool to a stop in case it undergoes undue strains which could be dangerous both for the product and the operator. The clutch is adjustable according to the diameter of your tool and the kind of material that is being used.
Flexible shaft
Pillow block The article 3071 has a pillow block, which allows for the use of portable routers of any brand name. The pillow block is adjustable in height and allows you to put the machine in the most ergonomical position. Made of solid sheet steel, the pillow block can rotate on its pole, thus allowing for maximum freedom of movement.
Flexible shaft
Grip This grip is made of steel and aluminium, and it is fitted on special high-speed bearings. It is covered by a rubber sheath with a steel reinforcement, and it allows the operator to move freely.
Flexible shaft
Spring collet Flexible shaft is supplied with a 6 mm spring collet. Spring collets of other diameters are available on request.
Flexible shaft
Flexible shaft
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