Mini scolpicomodo
Mini scolpicomodo 2011 version
Mini scolpicomodo
This accessory supports the sculpture during the work in the most ergonomic position. It can be tipped up from +45° to -75° vertically, rotated of +45°, -45° sideways.

It allows you to rotate the sculpture without taking it away from the clamping. Maximum size of the workpiece 400x400 mm, maximum length 400 mm. The workpiece can be fixed with screws directly at the revolving base or it can be fastened with the 4 clamps supplied.



The new model 2011 also includes a threaded adapter to enable you to use woodturning chucks. It is designed for working woodturned bowls to remove chuck marks.


Build with a strong galvanized sheet iron, it weighs 4 Kg and has to be fixed at a bench.

Technical data
Art 2927
L min 30 mm
L max 400 mm
Inclinazione frontale -75 ° 45°
Inclinazione laterale /- 45°
Peso 4 Kg
Item code
The equipment includes the base equipped with many holes to secure your piece from below, hollow bars with clamp for securing the side and an attachment for the lathe spindle thread M33x3, 5mm
Mini scolpicomodo
With the attack M33x3, 5 European standard can mount directly to your lathe chuck wood without removing your object to carve thereby taking advantage of the power chuck that you have already made
Mini scolpicomodo
Mini scolpicomodo