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Gouge Resharpening Device
The photo shows the wheel base with shaft mounted on a lathe, support accessory guide for sharpening gouges for roughing, excavation, planes and chisels. (Everything is supplied as standard)
Gouge Resharpening Device
Innovative system to resharpen woodturning and woodcarving gouges, based on a CBN
abrasive wheel


Compared to the wet stone sharpened, that is a able to resharpen very well, but slowly, and this system is very quick. A slight touch is enough! Based on a steel support. It works at a speed of 1.500÷2.000 RPM.
The CBN abrasive wheel is strong and resistant, offering a long life. At the beginning it could seem a little bit aggressive, but then it is enough a delicate touch to achieve an excellent resharpening!
It comes complete with a Morse Taper arbor, a fixing nut and an adjustable support.
As an optional, it is also possible to mount a felt wheel (for professional users only), to polish the tool cutting edge with the help of the abrasive compound (blue). Using the felt wheel could be dangerous not only for the tool, that could loose its cutting edge completely, but also for the operator, in case it is not used correctly!


Fingernail and Spindle Gouge Resharpening Device
3984_disp-profilate.pngYou can use the CBN abrasive wheel to resharpen spindle and fingernail profile gouges.

This device comes complete with a fixing accessory to secure your tool, that also includes

an adjustable support. Its 16 diameter mm shank is fitted into the lathe tool rest. Available adaptors of different sizes.


Technical data

Gouge Resharpening Device


Att Ø wheel dimension Max Speed ART
MT1 150 x 20 mm 1800 rpm 3996
MT2 150 x 20 mm 2200 rpm 3983
MT3 150 x 20 mm 2800 rpm 3997


Fingernail and Spindle Gouge Resharpening Device

Att Ø Velocità max ART
16 mm 1800 giri/min 3984

Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Ø Attacco Art
19 mm (3/4’) 3666
25 mm (1’) 3667
30 mm 3668

Felt disk
20 mm 3931

CBN wheel
Ø 150 x 20 mm 3985
Ø 150 x 40 mm 3986
Item code
3983, 3984, 3996, 3997
Standard equipment
Plate with shank Ø 16 mm
Mitre gauge
Arbor MT
CBN Grinding wheel Ø 150x20
With the supplied stand may well sharpen chisels, cutters and chisels
Gouge Resharpening Device
Provided there is also a team useful for sharpening chisels and planes straight
Gouge Resharpening Device
The attack of the substrate is 16 mm suitable for smaller woodlathes with larger sizes have the proper adapters
Gouge Resharpening Device
Gouge Resharpening Device