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JWL-1442 - Wood lathe
JWL-1442 - Wood lathe
The lathe for those who want to do a bit of everything, can even mount a copier
The best value for quality / price.
Is designed for small carpentry, that with a single machine has all the possibilities of machining.
Chosen by hobbyists for its stability and robustness, dwarfing competitors on the pictures look similar.

  • Pivoting headstock turns 360° over the entire length of the bed
  •   Adjustable spindle speeds ranging from 370–2500 rpm adjustable via Variomatics for easy machining
  •   100 mm stroke on the tailstock with scale to drill deep holes
Technical data
Model JWL 1442
Code 220V singlefase J708358LM
Ø over bed 355 mm
Diameter over tool rest 255 mm
Max between centres 1030 mm
Headstock  taper CM 2
Tailstock taper CM 2
Tailstock  ram capacity 100 mm
Speeds n°.8

370, 500, 700,900,

1250,1600, 1900,2500 rpm

Spindle thread 1”x8TPI (M33x3,5)
 Index spindle 36x10°
Swivel head 45°, 90°, 180°
Passage tailstock 9 mm
Motor Power output 1300W
Motor Power intput 700 W
Dimensions 1800x630x1300   
Weight 165 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
Stable cast iron machine frame
Outrigger for tool rest
150 mm face plate
Live center
Center point
Adapter M 33 x 3,5
The variation of velocity occurs at running motor via a mechanical actuator.
JWL-1442 - Wood lathe
Turning the head of the emptying bowls is facilitated, leading to the center of the pallet can be turning out machine
JWL-1442 - Wood lathe
The spindle nose is 1/8 'TPI and comes with an adapter externally threaded M33x3, 5 for mounting all of the spindles found in the accessories section. With a threaded pin is possible to lock the shaft in a certain position, a 36 every 10 °
JWL-1442 - Wood lathe
JWL-1442 - Wood lathe
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