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Wood lathe JWL-1220
JWL 1220
Wood lathe  JWL-1220
The professional lathe bench, very stable without being overly heavy, quiet and robust


• Heavy-duty cast iron lathe bed ensures stability and minimal operating vibration
• Heavy-duty cast iron headstock and tailstock
• Tailstock is hollow allowing 9 mm long hole boring
• Quick release levers allow for easy and accurate positioning of tool rest and tailstock
• Powerful motor suitable for continuous operation – with 6 spindle speeds ranging from 400 to 3300 rpm for maximum results


Technical data
Code art 220V 708376 M
Diameter over bed 305 mm
Diameter over tool rest 241 mm
Max between centres 510 mm
Spindle thread 1”x8 TPI (M33x3,5)
Speed rpm 6: 400, 700, 1000, 1500, 2200, 3300
Index position spindle 24 x 15°
Spindle passage ø 9 mm
Tailstock passage ø 9 mm
Headstock taper CM 2
Tailstock taper CM 2
Power output S1 100 560 W
Power input S6 40 750 W
Dimension 810x300x390 mm
Weight 45 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
bed extension 700 mm
Item code
J708376M, 112201
Standard equipment
• Machine light
• 150 mm and 250 mm-Tool rest
• Live center
• 75 mm face plate
• Safety goggles
• Spur center and tooling knockout
• Adapter M 33 x 3,5
• Carry handles
• Tool storage
• Solid rubber feet to eliminate movement while in operation
• tailstock contains live center
JWL 1220 VS
Wood lathe  JWL-1220
The compartment that holds pulleys and belts is easy to access and change only takes a few seconds
Wood lathe  JWL-1220
The lathe is provided with the pad to secure the wood turning Ø 76 mm, and the driver.
Wood lathe  JWL-1220
The spindle nose is 1'x8 TPI and comes with an adapter externally threaded M33x3, 5 for mounting the chuck NGz3
Wood lathe  JWL-1220
Wood lathe  JWL-1220
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