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Wood Midi Lathe DML305
Wood Midi Lathe DML305
The DML305 cast iron lathe represents a new benchmark in high quality midi lathes and is perfect for the user with minimal space or as a second lathe for demonstrations and shows.

The bed is made of finely ground cast iron for weight and rigidity and fitted with cam locking toolrests that clamp easily and solidly to the bed with one handed operation. It gives 393mm between centres as standard and optional bed extensions can be added to increase this capacity. The swing over the bed is 305mm and the 1/2hp motor provides plenty of power for the capacity of the machine. The spindle is 3/4” x 16tpi thread to ensure a wide range of Record Power accessories can be fitted. The lathe is extremely well finished with polished metal handles, spindle lock with indexing and graduated markings on the tailstock barrel. Many of these features are normally only found on expensive professional lathes. The DML305-VS features high quality full electronic variable speed control. This system should not be confused with cheap and simple rheostat versions which have poor torque and can cause overheating of the motor. The DML305-VS uses a three phase motor and inverter system, similar to that used in the CL4. The high quality inverter converts the single phase supply to three phase, enabling smooth and stepless control through a wide range of speeds. This is an industrially proven method and provides the low end torque that is so essential to the woodturner but is sadly lacking in so many poorer quality alternatives.

Technical data
Code art. 230V JRPWL0020M
Diameter over bed 305 mm
Diameter over tool rest 241 mm
Max between centres 393 mm
Spindle thread M 33x 3.5 mm
Speed rpm 6: 350, 670, 1025, 1500, 2225, 3250
Power output S1 100% 350 W
Power input S6 40% 500 W
Index position spindle 24 x 15°
Tailstock passage ø 9 mm
Headstock taper CM 2
Tailstock taper CM 2
Dimension 870 x 200 x 455 mm
Weight 39 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
• 150 mm Tool rest
• Live center
• Spur center
• Carry handles
• Tool storage
Change speed range through change of position of the belt is extremely quick and easy, coverage is completely inverted
Wood Midi Lathe DML305
control panel of the VS version
Wood Midi Lathe DML305
Wood Midi Lathe DML305
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