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Universal device for wood lathe allows to use an abrasive disc on the lathe for wood polish

The 290x150 mm anodized aluminium solid table can tilt from 0° -45° and features a slot for a mitre
fence (optional accessory).
On small la3854_Abradisk_2013-1.pngthes the tool rest could restrict the possibility of tilting the table. The device is fitted into
the tool rest support. Its shank has a 16 mm diameter (5/8”), very common for bench-top lathes. On
request it is possible to buy adaptors for large lathes: 19 mm (Record Power lathes), 25 mm (1”) (for
both Swisstec and JET lathes and similar ones) and 30 mm.
Fix a MDF disc to the lathe faceplate. Its diameter has to be suitable for your lathe. We suggest a
diameter of 230 mm to fit all lathes from 9” a 10” (maximum diameter over the bed from 230 to 250 mm)
and a diameter of 300 mm for larger machines. You can also buy a Gamma Zinken 70 mm diameter
faceplate with the suitable thread for your machine.connecting thread for your machine.



Technical data
Code 3854
Table dimension 290x150 mm
Tilting table 0°÷45° mm
Disc diameter max 300 mm
Speed max 1500 giri/min
Min Lathe Dimension (Ø turning) min 230 mm (9’ )
Joint diameter 16 mm (5/8')
Weght 2,850 Kg



3667_adattatore_portautensi.pngoptional adapter

Hole Joint Art
16 19 mm (3/4’) 3666
16 25 mm (1’) 3667
16 30 mm 3668

Parts and Accessories
optional adapter
optional adapter
Codice Dim. Description
Art 3666 19 mm (3/4’) Adapter for woodlathe
Art 3667 25 mm (1’) Adapter for woodlathe
Art 3668 30 mm Adapter for woodlathe
Optional accessory
Abrasiv Disc Ø 230
Art. 268264.03 Grit 60 G
Art. 268265.03 Grit 80 G
Art. 266821.03 Grit 100 G
Art. 268267.03 Grit 120 G
Art. 246146.03 Grit 150 G
Art. 268304.03 Grit 180 G
Art. 72797.03 Velcro disc (replacement)
J72801.02 Ø 300 mm Velcro adhesive disc anchor
J250952.03 Ø 300 mm 60 G abrasive disk
J248959.02 Ø 300 mm 80 G abrasive disk
J268269.02 Ø 300 mm 100 G abrasive disk
J268270.02 Ø 300 mm 120 G abrasive disk
J318387.01 Ø 300 mm 150 G abrasive disk
J312826.02 Ø 300 mm 180 G abrasive disk
60-0505 Cleaning stick
Adaptor for support
Item code
Standard equipment
Worktop with joints for the inclination
Mitre gauge
Bar graft in the lathe tool holder Ø 16mm
optional adapters to see spare parts
The photo shows the AbraDisk mounted on the lathe on JET 4224 Back on the biggest you can tilt the table at 45 ° and use the entire disk, depends on the size of the tool holder of the lathe
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