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Centre Finder
The picture show the sizes of the holes
Centre Finder
Made of 2 mm tick sheet steel, this is a very handy and sturdy device that helps you find the centre of your piece of wood from few millimetres up to about 30 cm in diameter.

Constructed from 2 mm thick steel plate, this efficient tool helps to find the centre of branches, round and irregular workpieces, ranging from few millimetres to 27 or 31 cm in diameter.
The two steel supports on the bottom side of the plate provide a reference point and make this device stable.
Moreover this device features numerous holes and semi-holes to control the diameter of the workpiece and its cylindricity. The slots on the right side of the plate are used to check the angle of the tools to be sharpened. There is also a 75° caliber on the right bottom corner to verify the dovetail profile of the workpiece to grip the chuck.

Technical data
Ø min Ø max Art
10 mm 270 mm 3855
10 mm 310 mm 3993
Item code
3855, 3993
Allows tracking of branches and not perfectly round or circular pieces
Centre Finder
An angle shows the angle of the chuck jaws, so if you have to grip the workpiece spindle and you do not have the appropriate gouge you can immediately check if it is done correctly
Centre Finder
Centre Finder
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