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Index 24 positions
Index 24 positions
Allow lock the spindle in position for machining as milling, drilling and decoration


The most wood lathes do not allow for locking the chuck in the desired position, even if it is an important feature.
This accessory enables you to lock the spindle axis at 24 points, every 15°, in order to drill, mill and decorate a workpiece.
Easy to fix. Professional wood lathes with thread M33x3,5 mm features a Ø 34 mm headstock collar. The indexing disk is inserted into the spindle. Once the chuck is mounted onto it, then the disk is fixed. The device can be adjusted in height and is suitable for any lathe.

Technical data
Pos ° ø nose chuck Ø H min H max ART
24 15 34 mm 70 100 300 3945
Item code
Index 24 positions
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