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Threading Mini-device for wood lathe
Threading Mini-device for wood lathe
Device for creating a thread inside and outside a little or medium size wooden object suitable for all woodlathes

Characterized by a Ø 16 mm joint, that can be directly fitted into the tool rest support (adaptors for lathes of different sizes are available on request – see the Optional Section below).

Included in the pack, there is a centring device aligning the leadscrew to the spindle. It is possible to use it if the distance between the barrel of the tool rest and the chuck axis is more
than 60mm.

It is possible to check the depth increment by using a nonius that is provided with the article.

The leadscrew has a M33x3,5 mm thread for assembling the chuck. Standard equipment allows to create a 2,5mm pitch metric thread. For the creation of a 3,5mm pitch metric thread it is necessary to replace the supplied leadscrew with an optional one, whose pitch is 3,5mm (art. 4078). The maximum thread length is 50mm.

It is also possible to create 2,5mm pitch trapezoidal threads, which are more resistant and perfect for green woods. For this operation, a specific cutter (art. 4079) is needed.
It is recommended to fasten the device on the head stock by using the collet chuck holder ER25 (Art. 4036) and the 14mm collets ER25 (Art. 3078).

Otherwise, it is also possible to use a 25mm self-centring jaws of good quality.

Technical data
Ø shank  min Ø piece Thread lathe Art.
16 mm 20 mm M33 x 3,5 mm 4126
Item code
4126, JFWL0860
Standard equipment
2,5mm pitch leadscrew
Threading tool Z2 with Ø 14 mm shank
Centring device
Threading Mini-device for wood lathe