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Bench morticer JBM 5
Bench morticer JBM 5
The BM16 is a compact bench mounted morticer, ease of use and can mount bits square also heads drilling for hinges, handles and multiple drilling

Robust construction steel and cast iron to provide stability and durability
Three jaw chuck for the central striker
Race driven by rack and pinion, recall with gas
Quick and easy mortising in all types of solid wood for quarries.
Stop rod racing
Reversible column Ram pieces high
Access compartment spindle on both sides

Technical data
Modell JBM 5
Cod. art. 230 V  260051 - J708580M
Speed 1450 giri/1'
Chisel Capacity: 12 mm
Chuck Capacity: 10 mm
Table dimension 190x 310mm
Chisel Stroke 105 mm
Max. Workpiece Height 105 mm
Depth: 90 mm
Power 350 W
Dimension 270x300x700mm
Weight: 20Kg
Item code
260051, J708580M
You can make square or rectangular holes in several
Bench morticer JBM 5
adapters for the different tips in commerce
Bench morticer JBM 5
Bench morticer JBM 5
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