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Benchtop morticer RP BM 16
Benchtop morticer RP BM 16
Drill a hole in a square or rectangular with sharp edges is not for everyone.

Now you can make your mortise tenon joints with precision without having mussare hand work of the male or female chisel with the risk in each case to obtain an interlocking inaccurate.
With the mortises square hole will always have a clean and precise.

• Powerful motor suitable for continuous operation
• Rack and pinion head raising and lowering system combined with dovetail guides and gas cylinder
• Double locked work-hold down completely eliminates slippage when retracting the chisel
• Guide rollers keep the workpiece in contact with the fence
• Integrated bit and chisel spacer accurately determines the needed space between bit and chisel

Technical data
Model RP BM 16
Cod. art 230 V  1791310 M
Spindle speed 1450 giri/1'
Max. chisel capacity 16 mm
Drill chuck capacity 13 mm
Size base 180 x 157 mm
Head stroke 130 mm
Max. workpiece height 120 mm
Max. distance spindle to fence 125 mm
Power output S1 350 W
Dimension 270x300x700mm
Weight 46 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
• 13 mm drill chuck with longer chuck key
• Micro adjustable fence with quick cam locks
• Drill depth stop
Benchtop morticer RP BM 16
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