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Morticer 719A / 719AS
719 AS
Morticer 719A / 719AS
Drill a hole in a square or rectangular with sharp edges is not for everyone.
With these machines, you can also speed up all the carpentry work for the production of furniture, such as drilling of the handles to the doors or zippers, you can also do the seats for the locks including milling the plate locks etc.

• Rack and pinion head raising and lowering system combined with dovetail guides and gas cylinder
• Quick-release vice for speedy release of work material
• Powerful motor
• Head tilts 180° – also makes it possible to drill a lock in a finished door
• Table 35° tiltable

Technical data
Model 719 A 719 AS
Cod. art 230 V 1791263 M 708572 KM
Spindle speed 1450 giri/1' 1450 giri/1'
Max chisel capacity 25 mm 25 mm
Drill chuck capacity 13 mm 13 mm
Size base 180 x 520 mm 180 x 520 mm
Size fence 90 x 520 mm 90 x 520 mm
Head stroke 200 mm 200 mm
Max. workpiece height 195 mm 195 mm
Max. distance spindle to fence 100 mm 100 mm
Table tilt - 0° 35° Dx
Power input S6 1300 W 1300 W
Dimension 550 x 550 x 1880 mm  550 x 550 x 1880 mm
Weight 120 Kg 125 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Stop and hold-down set to work in a 180° tilted condition
Item code
J1791263M, J708572KM
Standard equipment
• 13 mm drill chuck
• Depth and length stops
• Enclosed stand with shelves
• MDF table surface
• Chisel shank adapters (5/8”, 3/4”, 13/16” and 1-13/16")
• Vice to hold workpiece
You can make square or rectangular holes in several
Morticer 719A / 719AS
Turning the column, you can drill the holes for the seat of locks, you need the accessory 719-MDA. with these machines is possobile milling also the seat of the valve plate of the lock and also holes for furniture, hinges. . . See pages suggested
Morticer 719A / 719AS
Morticer 719A / 719AS
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