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Professional Morticer 720HD
Professional Morticer 720HD
Drill a hole in a square or rectangular with sharp edges is not for everyone.
With the mortises square will always have a clean and precise hole
Ready for anything even for the seats for the locks including the milling for the plate of the locks with the spindle optional

• Powerful motor suitable for continuous operation
• Rack and pinion head raising and lowering system combined with dovetail guides and gas cylinder
• Indexable handles control the chisel movement left/right and forward/back
• The table gives plenty of work support and will tilt 90° left and 45° right
• Easy mortising of door locks and wooden panels on lower work support

Technical data
Model 720 HD
Cod. art 400 V 1791309 T
Spindle speed 1450 giri/1'
Max. chisel capacity 25 mm
Drill chuck capacity 13 mm
Table size 180 x 370 mm
Fence size 520 x 300 mm
Max. chisel travel left/right 230 mm
Max. chisel travel front/back 85 mm
Head stroke 155 mm
Max. workpiece height 290 mm
Max. work piece height without table 1170 mm
Max. distance spindle to fence 85 mm
Tilting table 90° a Sx e 45° a Dx
Power output 400 V S1 1450 W
Power input 400 V S6 2800 W
Dimension 650 x 550 x 2030 mm
Weight 220 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
13 mm drill chuck with longer chuck key
• Chuck extension adaptor
• Chisel shank adapters (5/8”, 3/4”, 13/16” and 1-13/16")
• Depth and length stops
• MDF table surface
• Lower work support (door support)
• Enclosed stand with shelves
Professional Morticer 720HD