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Drill presses JDP17B
Drill presses JDP17B
Professional drill presses on floor

The main feature is the care and precision with which they are produced, the tolerances of the spindle sleeve and the concentricity of the spindle from the attack do are 0.03 mm (3 hundredths of a millimeter).

The spindle supplied is accurate, but the installation is the responsibility of the customer. . . and it must be done with care.

  • Guaranteed concentricity in Morse taper mm
  • Spindles are supported by precision ball bearings
  • Left and right rotation is standard on the 400 V
  • Chuck precision standard on all models
  • Powerful motors sized for continuous
  • Switch to stop the crankcase pulley
  • Stop Adjustment accuracy on the downward stroke of standard
  • Vice to drill supplied standard
Technical data
Model JDP 17
Cod. art 230 V J716300M
Cod. art 400 V  
Distance spindle column 215 mm
Spindle travel 85 mm
Spindle taper CM 2 / B16
Quick-clamping chuck Ø 1 - 16 mm
Column diameter 80 mm
Table size 365 x 365 mm
Spindle speeds n°12: 160 - 3300 giri/1'
Total height 1625 mm
Drilling performance in steel Ø 25 mm
Vice size 125 x 125 mm
Power output S1 230V
745 W
Power input S6 230 V
1300 W
Power output S1 400 V
Power input S6 400 V
Dimension mm 680x430x1625
Weight 83 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
• Spindles are supported by precision ball bearings
• Left/right-handed rotation standard on 400-volt models
• Quick clamping precision chucks
• Powerful motors for continuous operation
• Belt cover with limit switch
Drill presses JDP17B
The series JDP drills are equipped with a vise
Drill presses JDP17B
Drill presses JDP17B