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Brush sander JBS 22
Brush sander JBS 22
Its versatility is the possibility to replace the brushes or roller calibration, with brushes you can rusticare wood to simulate the aging or give the first roughing when you paint the wood before final calibration cells, or smooth and polish shaped profiles such as frames and covers of wire doors and windows.
Despite being open on one side the robust and well-dimensioned structure does not generate bending during work.

  • E xclusive brush/roller system guarantees precise surface brushing
  • SandSmartTM automatic feed reduction to avoid motor overload
  • Continuously variable feed speed of 0 – 3 m/min and a brush speed of 1400 rpm result in optimum brushing results
Technical data
Model JBS 22
Cod. art 230 V 649006 M
Width 515 mm
width max 1030 mm
Min. length  60 mm
Min. thickness 2 mm
Max. thickness 100 mm
Size drum/brush 127 x 515 mm
Speed conveyor 0 - 3 m/1'
Speed drum 1400 giri/1'
Dust port 100 mm
2200 W
Dimension 950x1300x1400 mm
Weight 182 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Section 60-6004 - Wire brush for rusticare hardwoods
Section 60-6005 - Brush tainex G46 for rusticare medium and hard woods
Section 60-6001 - Brush Tainex G80 rusticare for soft woods and sand painting first pass
Section 60-6002 - Brush Tainex G120 for sanding soft and hard woods
Section 60-6003 - Brush Tainex G240 polishing profiles
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Art 60-6006
drum sanders
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Roll of sanding belt 25 m cut to size
Art 306399.01 Grain 60 G
Art 306400.01 Grana 80 G
Art 100 G 306401.01 Grit
Art 120 G 306402.01 Grit
Art 150 G 306403.01 Grit
Art 180 G 306404.01 Grit
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Cleaning stick
Item code
Standard equipment
Brush set 80G
Feed band 120G
4 wheels
Digital thickness indicator
Infeed and outfeed table
Available different brushes for finishing, in addition to that supplied by 80 G which has a universal use, in several passes, rustic or remove the "hair" of the wood after the first coat of paint, you can also mount a wire brush to work hardwoods, brushes 46G to 240G or medium-hard wood polishing frames.
Brush sander JBS 22
Digital height/thickness indicator
Brush sander JBS 22
SandSmartTM automatic feed reduction
Brush sander JBS 22
Brush sander JBS 22