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Drum sander 10-20 Plus
Drum sander 10-20 Plus
The grading for modeling
Fabricated structure, engine over-sized and fine adjustment of the parallelism makes this machine a gem for those who have small items to be calibrated

• Extruded aluminium drum, self-cooling, precision machined and balanced
• Powerful motor offers the advantages of heavier use for longer periods of time
• An infinitely variable feed rate of 0–3 m/min for maximum sanding results
• Height-adjustment handle allows significant height changes and 1/10 mm adjustments for extremely precise sanding thickness control
• A patented quick fastener mounted on the inside wall of the drum holds the abrasive strip tight on one side while a spring-loaded mechanism pulls on the other end to remove any slack

Technical data
Model 10-20 plus
Cod. art 230 V 628900 M
Width Drum 255 mm
Width max 510 mm
Min. length  60 mm
Min. thickness 0,8 mm
Max. thickness 75 mm
Size drum 127 x 255 mm
Speed conveyor 0 - 3 m/1'
Speed drum 1400 giri/1'
Dust port 100 mm
Power output S1 700 W
Power input S6 1200 W
Dimension 620 x 460 x 510 mm
Weight 38 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Article 608005
Extension shelves for long workpieces

Spare parts:
Article 60-0310-P
Conveyor G100
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Roll of sanding belt 25 m cut to size
Art 306399.01 Grit 60 G
Art 306400.01 Grit 80 G
Article 100 G 306401.01 Grit
Article 120 G 306402.01 Grit
Article 150 G 306403.01 Grit
Article 180 G 306404.01 Grit
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Cleaning stick
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Art. 608004
Stand with non-slip feet
Item code
Standard equipment
• Sanding belt 80 G
• Conveyor belt with 100 grit surface
• Operating tools
• 1 box of abrasive strips
• Cleaning stick
The special system for tensioning the tape keeps it taut during processing, thus ensuring a perfect finish
Drum sander 10-20 Plus
The 10-20 plus is a counter machine, but can also be fitted on its support.
Drum sander 10-20 Plus
Drum sander 10-20 Plus