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Dual drum sander DDS 225 -237
Dual drum sander DDS 225 -237
Rugged construction, motor over-sized roller adjustment in output indipandente from the incoming make this machine an indispensable tool for the craftsman with a modest production of furniture in general

  •      Powerful and robust, suitable for industrial applications and continuous operation
  •      Adjustable rear cylinder to regulate the removal
  •      For use with abrasive belt, height 100 mm
  •      The hard rubber lining of the cylinders guarantees excellent results
  •      The conveyor belt is guided on 4 solid jackscrews
  •      Automatic feeding of adjustable two-speedin order to better adapt to different types of wood
  •      Two fittings for vacuum 100 mm allow machining free from dust
Technical data
Model DDS 225 DDS 237
Cod. art 400 V 1711290 T 10000649 T
Max. width 635 mm 940 mm
Min. length 230 mm 230 mm
Min. thickness 0,8 mm 0,8 mm
Max. thickness 133 mm 133 mm
Size drum 152 x 635 mm 152 x 940 mm
Speed drum 1400 giri/1' 1400 giri/1'
Abrasive strip width 100 mm  100 mm
Speed conveyor belt 2 - 3 m/1' 2 - 3 m/1'
Power conveyor belt 0,25 HP 3ph 0,25 Hp 3ph
Dust port 2 x 100 mm 2 x 100 mm
Power output S1 3500 W 5550 W
Power input S6 5500W 8550 W
Weight 332 Kg 440 Kg
Item code
J1791290T, J10000649T
Standard equipment
Sanding belt 80 G
Sanding belt 100 G
Dust port Ø 100 mm
Closed stand with door
The second roller is adjustable in height, a simple table indicates based on the grit of the abrasive which is placed on the front roll and the grain of the rear roller, the number of the position to be set. This is very important, otherwise practically the second roller does not do anything.
Dual drum sander DDS 225 -237
Dual drum sander DDS 225 -237