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Vacuum air cleaner Mobil power 160 - 200
Mobil power 200
Vacuum air cleaner Mobil power 160 - 200
The ideal solution for systems of professional workshops

If you still have the vacuum bag and time to replace them with these systems effiicenti extraction and purification.

Designed for carpentry, interior are machines, they do not scatter your heating, but allow you to have clean air for your health and the elimination of dust that would prevent, for example, to paint your finished furniture.

  • Automatic cycle, every 20 Min cleans itself (the pre-set time is changed as a function of the operating conditions), during the step of cleaning the suction is automatically and temporarily decreased.
  •     Dust extraction and dust from a line up to 4 or 8 cars * 100% of the air is recycled and cleaned of particulate matter.
  •     Compact and space-saving., In sturdy sheet steel galvanized and epoxy powder coated
  •     High suction power.
  •     Preliminary separator chip integrated.
  •     Good cleaning of filters
  •     Long filter life, the fabric is treated with a special material and is tested for heavy work, can be washed up to 3 times with industrial washers.
  •     Low consumption of compressed air, in the phase of the purification filter is inflated for about 1 sec. and only 15 percent of the demand comes from the air compressor, the remaining 85 percent is air present on the spot and is "dragged" by the jet under pressure, so it is sufficient a small compressor.
  •     Constant yield due to the continuous cleaning of the filters.
  •     Filter needle felt polyester with surface treatment in category "C" certificate BIA-H3
  •     Save on heating costs, recovering the indoor air of the laboratory, the heat stays outside and is not dispersed outside.
  •     Respect the rules inmateria health and safety in the workplace, and EC Directives.
  •     On wheels for easy movements.
  •     Swarf cart on wheels, with automatic restraint bag for chips and engagement aspirator.
  •     It keeps the air clean and breathable

* Machines placed on a same line, suitably connected with pipes and joints, the number of machines contemporary varies by the type of machine to the distance between the latter and the purifier; should be installed a gate valve on each machine to close the vent is not in use.

Technical data
Model JMP 160 JMP 200
Cod. art 400 V 195593 T 195594 T
Capacity Sack chips 280 Lt 2 x 250 Lt
filtering surface 9 m2 13,5 m2
Ø hose 160 mm 200 mm
Automatic cleaning filter YES compressed air YES compressed air
Air consumption 6 bar - 80 Lt/cycle 6 bar - 80 Lt/cycle
Total air flow 1850 m3/h 2920 m3/h
Vacuum pressure 2120 Pa 1900 Pa
Dimension mm 1600x830x1850 2307x830x1850
Power 2,2 Hp (3Kw) 3 Hp (4Kw)
Noise level 64,9 dB (A) 75 dB(A)
Weight 288 Kg 340 Kg
Item code
J195593T, J195594T
Details of the filters with the automatic cleaning system
Vacuum air cleaner Mobil power 160 - 200
Particular basket with hook and level control chips. The container is hooked when pressed against a seal which keeps it watertight evitandi the exit of the powders
Vacuum air cleaner Mobil power 160 - 200
Restraint system chips using vacuum bag. Depression is sent to the outside area between the bag and the container
Vacuum air cleaner Mobil power 160 - 200
Mobil Power 160
Vacuum air cleaner Mobil power 160 - 200