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Wall painting Jcolor1 Jcolor3
Wall painting Jcolor1 Jcolor3
The solution for small rooms and limited production
Whether wood or other material coating is a key element of the product, too bad it's extremely dangerous for the operator.
It is essential to prevent damage relating to chemicals that can breathe.
Small in size during use, you can even fold up when not in use and allows you to create a little space in the area to paint.

The wall is used as it is depicted, because she creates a suction that the paint away from the operator and that you have to stick to the wall front metal and will not clog the filter.

  •     Creates a low pressure area in the front of the air and sucks the excess spray.
  •      All paint and color that does not go on the piece ends nell'aspiratore.
  •      The model JColor3 has two speeds, fast for painting phase, for slow drying stage.
  •      Filter by color sprayed
  •      Pre - filter (optional) paper paint the wood and lacquer
  •      Cartridge filters, will change only when you need to replace the material and not the structure, saving
  •      Powerful suction, high suction capacity and low operating costs.
  •      Compact and space-saving
  •      Mounted on wheels for maximum mobility
  •      Space-saving when not using the walls can be closed
  •      high flexibility
Technical data
Model Jet Color 1 Jet Color 3
Cod. art 400 V 195627 T 195629 T
Surface filter 1 m2 2 m2
Air flow 4500 m3/h 6500 m3/h
Depression 500 Pa 500 Pa
Dimension mm





Fan rpm
1410 giri/1' 960 - 1430 giri/1'
Power max motore 1 Kw 0,6 2 Kw
Noise level 67,5 dB (A) 67,5 dB (A)
Weight 141 Kg 206 Kg
Item code
J195627T , 195629T
Jcolor 1, a 1 m wall with panels that covers a useful area of 2 m is recommended for small productions
Wall painting Jcolor1 Jcolor3
If you use water-based coatings for furniture you precede the synthetic filter pre filter paper.
Wall painting Jcolor1 Jcolor3