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Roller gear table circular saw for firewood
Combined HWTS 700 Band-Slide and rocking
Roller gear table circular saw for firewood
Robust jigsaws to cut firewood

  • The closed protection hood of the saw blade provides for quiet running and highest stability
  • Special break motor for circular saws with built-in electric coil sensor which measures the temperature directly in the motor and not on the switch
  • Switch plug combination with no-voltage release and phase converter · Stable chassis with large wheels and extractable carrying handle
  • Particularly robust and torsion-resistant due to welded square tubular steel frames
  • Heigh dead weight provides for additional stability and smoothness
  • Shock-proof, scratch-resistant and weatherproof due to high-quality powder coating
  • Equipped as standard with chrome steel saw blade
  • Particularly rapid saw blade replacement thanks to protective hood of the saw blade which can be slewed away without tools
    Maximum safety due to:
  • Optimum cover of the saw blade
  • Barbs stamped in the rocker avoid twisting of the wood
  • Lock bolt for saw blade replacement
  • Lockable Emergency-Stop-Button
  • Delivery is performed completely mounted and ready for connection

HWTS 700 Combined all round table rocker circular saw

  • Large all-steel working table with parallel stop
  • Incl. splitting wedge and splitting wedge mounting
  • Rapid changing over from table to rocker position without tools
  • High cutting performance of 270 mm


HRTS 700 Roller gear table circular saw

  • · Large all-steel roller gear table for fatiguefree working
  • · Continuous smooth-running due to dustproof maintenance-free ball-bearing
  • · The clamping claw with return spring avoids twisting of the wood
  • · Table return via spring balancer
  • · With table lock for transportation and storage
  • · Rapid and safe replacement of saw blade due to fold-away roller gear table and saw blade lock
Technical data
Model HWTS 700 HRTS 700 Z
Art No. JHK5961703 JHK5962703
Saw blade Ø 700 mm 700 mm
Max. Cutting capacity rocker 260 mm -
Max Cutting capacity table 230 mm 260 mm
Cutting speed 53 m/sec 53m/sec
Working Height 840 mm 840 mm
Speed 1'450 1/min. 1450 1/min.
Drive Electrical motor Electrical motor
Engine 50 Hz  400V 400V
Power 5.5 kW 5.5 kW
Dimension mm 1330x860x1220 1330x820x1130
Weight 180 kg 140 kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Circular saw blades for wood, chrome steel (wolf tooth), coarse quality of cut
Ø Teeth Sheet thickness hole Item No
Ø 700 mm Z56 3,2 mm 30 mm JHK5970070

Circular saw blades for wood, hard metal (long cut flat tooth incl. chip deflector
and expansion slots), coarse quality of cut
Ø Teeth Sheet thickness hole Item No
Ø 700 mm Z42 4,2 mm 30 mm JHK5970170
Item code
JHK5961703, JHK5962703
Standard equipment
HSS blade tooth of wolf
Wheels for transportation
Roller gear table circular saw for firewood