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Combinated table top mitre saw JMT 10
Combinated table top mitre saw JMT 10
Lightweight machine and professional, by mounting the correct blade can cut wood and aluminum profiles

Professional machine with asynchronous 1300W maintenance silent and high-performance.
The structure is made of aluminum, just 17,5kg weight for maximum portability.
Upstairs in the large aluminum (462x360mm) regoalbile height
Cutting guide on the floor tilt adjustable from 0 to 45 °

Technical data
Modell JMT 10
Code 230V J10001820M
Power 1300 W
Blade speed 2850giri/1'
Blade diameter / ø bore 255/30 mm
Mitre capacity -45° ÷ 45°
Bevel capacity 0- 45°
Max. cutting depth/heigth 90° 75x 162 ( 102x36) mm
Max. cutting depth/heigth a 45° 53x 150mm
Max. cutting length/width 90° 48x 112 mm
Max. cutting length/width 45° 43x 43mm
Max cutting heigth upper table 40 mm
Net weight 17,5 Kg
Dimension 530x530x390mm
Parts and Accessories
Item code
Standard equipment
Ø250- blade Ø30 mm Widia
Auction latch bar for cutting in series
additional protection
Prepared for suction nozzle
Combinated table top mitre saw JMT 10