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edge bander JEB-1
edge bander JEB-1
The edge edge bander for pre-glued simple to use and with an excellent quality / price ratio

The glue used more by the craftsman
JEB-1 is a tool simple to use for the bonding of wood edges and polyester
The robust blowing hot air of the power of 2000 W is adjustable from 100 ° to 200 °
The large back plane (not photographed) allows the support of the coil
With its weight of only 12 kg JEB-1 can be transported without faticanel place where it is used
Complete with accessory manual to trim the edges

Technical data
Caratteristiche JEB -1
Art n° 220 V J10000830 M
Power 2000 W
Max height edge 55 mm
Table Dimension 680x192 mm
Working temperature: da 100 a 200°c
Size(lx lx h): 680x667x283 mm
Weght: 12 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Item code
edge bander JEB-1
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