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Construction saw JTS 315
The photo shows the machine with the optional table right
Construction saw JTS 315
Construction saw with tilting circular saw blade and beam
Machine with asynchronous powerful, tilting saw blade and trolley is ideal for construction sites and for many DIY jobs, where absolute precision is not required in the squaring of the panel.

  • Folding legs and flat extension mounted bayonet easy to transport by car
  • Galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and wear
  • Tilt the blade by handwheel 0 to 47 ° with 0 ° adjustable
  • Powerful motor with electromagnetic brake stop designed for continuous operation
  • Suction nozzle 100 mm and suction on the upper guard of the blade for optimum working condition
  • Supplied with 36 tooth blade TCT
  • Shopping with 600 mm stroke over the blade and with plans to extend to cut large panels
  • Comes standard with rear wheels for easy moving
  • Grille insert top in anodised aluminum
  • Help with stop eccentric longitudinal
  • Lockable switch to prevent use by unauthorized persons
  • Supplied pre-assembled for easy installation

Technical data
Model JTS 315
Code art 230V J10000910SM
Code arti 400V J10000910ST
Max. depth of cut 90°/ 45° 90 / 50 mm
Ø blade/ hole ø 315 / 30 mm
Speed blade 2800 giri/1'
Power 230 V 2200 W
Power 400 V 3100 W
Tilting blade 0 - 47° on left
Width of rip cut 310 (860) mm
Sliding table stroke (sliding) 600 mm
Table size ( + acc) 550x800 (1600) mm
Ø dust port 100 mm
Dimension mm 2200x1360x1000
Weight 70 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
JTS 315 P
10000811 Floor extension right 550x800 mm, with a guide for parallel square millimeter

TKS 315 HS
JHS5913251 floor extension right 550x800 mm, with a guide for parallel square millimeter
JHS 5910315 1080 mm aluminum profile rail fence
Item code
J10000910SM, J10000910ST
Standard equipment
Precision sliding table
Rip fence with cam clamping
Carbide tip saw blade Ø 315 / 30 mm, Z36
Rear table extension 550 x 800 mm
Top dust port
Transport device
Supply standard without optional driving and top right extended
Construction saw JTS 315
The legs can be folded and transportation becomes easier
Construction saw JTS 315
Simple and effective system for adjusting the blade
Construction saw JTS 315
Precision sliding table 250 x 230 mm
Construction saw JTS 315
Construction saw JTS 315