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Panel saw JTSS 2500 / 3200
Panel saw JTSS 2500 / 3200
Professional Squaring tilting saw
The 3200 mm is the primary machine for a carpenter, is suitable for cutting and squadatura panels for furniture.
The 2500 mm is a middle ground and is suitable for fabricators and fitters.
The carriage slides on squaring a special guide built extruded aluminum foam, and a double guide spherical front and one rear.
The tank is 350 mm wide in one piece foam

  • Precision-design cast iron table and large table length extensions and table width extensions
  • Outrigger table with telescopic arm and pull-out mitre fence with stops for machining large work pieces
  • Mitre fence 45° pivoting with precise scale and adjustable 90° stops
  • Rip fence can exactly be set to the millimeter via round bar guide and integrated micro adjustment
  • Proven sliding carriage guide system ensures clean cut
Technical data
Modell JTSS 2500 JTSS 3200
Code 400V 10000046T  10000047T
Cast iron machine table 840 x 550 mm 840x550 mm
Sliding carriage 2500 x 350 mm 3350x350 mm
Sliding table stroke 2600 mm 3350 mm
Sliding table max. length of cut 2500 mm 3250 mm
Blade Ø 315 mm 315 mm
Blade bore diameter 30 mm 30 mm
Cuttin capacity 90° / 45° 102/81 mm 102/81 mm
Tilting range of blade 45° 45°
Width of rip cut 1270  mm 1270  mm
Blade speed 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Scoring blade diameter 80/20 mm 80/20 mm
Scoring blade speed 8000 rpm 8000 rpm
Dust port - Ø 100 mm 100 mm
Motor: 400V power output S1 2950 W 4300 W
Motor: 400V power input S6 4800 W 6300W
Dimension 2600x1500 mm 3300x1500 mm
Weight 403 Kg 403 Kg
Parts and Accessories
optional accessory
10000021 Right table extension 830 x 950 mm for max. 1270 mm width of cut
optional accessory
optional accessory
10000022 - Digital display for rip fence
optional accessory
optional accessory
10000032 Mitre fence with work stop 1020 mm
optional accessory
optional accessory
10000031 Outrigger table 500 x 500 mm
Item code
J10000046T, J10000047T
Standard equipment
Carbide tip saw blade Ø 315 / 30 mm, Z48
Carbide tip scoring saw blade Ø 80 / 20 mm, Z20
Table length extension 800 x 550 mm
Right table extension 830 x 950 mm
Outrigger table (1150 x 650 mm) with telescopic arm
Pull-out mitre fence (3200 mm)
Panel stop
The guide telescopic sliding table is prevvista of double stop position for panel
Panel saw JTSS 2500 / 3200
The sliding over tracks simplifies the operation of replacing the blades
Panel saw JTSS 2500 / 3200
Special guides the wagon, consisting of a double spherical guide of antrabi sides of the central beam
Panel saw JTSS 2500 / 3200
Panel saw JTSS 2500 / 3200
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