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Tilting circular saw JTS600 X
Tilting circular saw JTS600 X
Circular saw with tilting telescopic boom and telescopic floor with protractor square.
The innovation of this project lies in the telescopic arm applied to a machine, whose size and simplicity, make the queen of the segment hobby.
The team has an interesting parallel system of micrometric movement.

  • Cast iron table 800 x 350 mm guarantees accurate cutsLarge hand wheels for easy operation
  • Sturdy rip fence with integrated micro-adjustment on round-bar guide
  • Format sliding table made of extruded aluminum, precision machined and anodized
  • Outrigger table 460 x 600 mm with pull-out mitre fence 2200 mm, supported by telescopic arm
Technical data
Modello JTS 600 X
Code art 230V 10000070XM
Code art 400V 10000070XT
Table size 650 x 350 mm
Ø Blade 250 mm
ø hole blade 30 mm
Cuttin capacity 90° 80 mm
Tilting 90°/ 45°
Width of rip cut 610 mm
Blade speed 4000 giri /1'
Ø Dust port 100 mm
Sliding carriage 1000 x 250 mm
Sliding table stroke 580 mm
Power output 230 V 1500 W - 2 Hp S1
Power input 230 V 2100W - 3,5 Hp S6
Power output 400 V 1500W - 2 Hp S1
Power input 400 V 2500 W - 3,8 Hp S6
Weight 145 Kg
Parts and Accessories
optional accessori
optional accessori
10000073 - Guide with precision protractor stop at -45 ° / 90 ° / 45 °
Item code
J10000070XM, J10000070XM
Standard equipment
800x 270 mm right table extension
350 x 415 mm table length extension
Format sliding table 1000 x 255 mm
Outrigger table 460 x 600 mm with telescopic arm
Pull-out mitre fence 2200 mm
Connecting tube incl. Y-fitting
Carbide tip saw blade Ø 250 / 30 mm, Z40
The team is provided with a parallel adjustment system mirometrica
Tilting circular saw JTS600 X
Tilting circular saw JTS600 X