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Edge grinding machine KSO 790
Edge grinding machine KSO 790
The belt sander general purpose wood

  • Infinitely slewable longitudinal and transversal table for mitres from 0° to 45°
  • Horizontally and vertically usable ginding unit, thus more application options
    vertical grinding is possible
  • Including quick-action sanding belt
  • Standard including transversal table for profile grinding, slewable up to 45°
  • Longitudinal table with height adjustment by 110 mm for optimum usage of the sanding belt width
  • Including infinitely variable mitre stop
  • Graphite coating on the grinding sole for higher sliding properties of the sanding belt and longer durabi
Technical data
Model HS-KSO 790
Art N° JHS5900790T
Sanding belt dimensions 150 x 2010 mm
Mitre 0° - 90°
Dimension longitudinal table 221x 790mm
Dimension transversal table 514 x 221 mm
Sanding length max. 790 mm
Ø grinding drum unit 70 mm
Sanding band speed 13 m/sec
Dust port 100 mm
Dimension 1270 x 540 x 1020 mm
Power 400 V 1100 W
Weight 86 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Sanding belt 150 x 2010

Art JHS5917660 Grit 60 G
Art JHS5917680 Grit 80 G
Art JHS5917610 Grit 100 G
Art JHS5917612 Grit 120 G
Art JHS5917618 Grit 180 G
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Art. 60-0505
Cleaning stick
Item code
Standard equipment
Belt sanding 80G
Nozzle 100 mm
goniometer fence
Support legs
Table extension for the cylindrical zone
Mitres of up to 45° by slewing the longitudinal table
Edge grinding machine KSO 790
Easy grinding of roundings
Edge grinding machine KSO 790
The tape can be pivoted steplessly between 0 ° and 90 °
Edge grinding machine KSO 790
Edge grinding machine KSO 790
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