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Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS
Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS
Simple and robust oscillating belt sander for wood, allows a good finish for furniture

  • The oscillating system guarantees a high gloss finish and increases the portion of the tape used, for a greater duration
  • Tape 150x2260 mm sanding horizontally or vertically or any intermediate position between these
  • Sturdy cast iron table support piece that can be raised or lowered to take advantage of all tape
  • 100 mm nozzle for efficient extraction
  • The belt runs on a graphite coating that facilitates sliding, reduces friction, helps to maintain the low temperature of the abrasive and extend its life
  • The powerful motor allows continuous operation for several hours
  • The protective cover can be opened to allow the sanding of long pieces
Technical data
Modello OES 80 CS
Cod. art 230 V 708447 M
Cod. art 400 V 708447 T
Additional size guide 110 x 610 mm
Abrasive belt 150 x 2260 mm
Max. sanding depth 125 mm
Tilting sanding belt 0° - 90°
N° Oscillation per min. 100
Table size 180 x 800 mm
Speed belt 16 m/sec
Dust port 100 mm
Power ioutput 230 V S1 1100W
Power input 230 V S6 1900 W
Power ioutput 400 V S1 1450 W
Power input 400 V S6 2800 W
Weight 120 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Sanding belt 150 x 2260
Art 303459.02 60 Grit
Art 298051.02 80 Grit
Art 260600.02 100 Grit
Art 295998.02 120 Grit
Art 303609.02 150 Grit
Art 306381.01 180 Grit
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Art. 60-0505
Cleaning stick
Item code
J708447M, J708447T, JST83007M, JST83008T
Standard equipment
Belt sanding 80G
Nozzle 100 mm
goniometer fence
Closed stand with
Height-adjustable driver
Table extension for templates
The sturdy table cast iron is provided with slots "T" to accommodate the team goniometer. The table can be positioned at will in height, and also with longitudinal inclination to utilize a greater surface of tape.
Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS
The area of sanding shapes is obtained by installing the appropriate plan of cast iron, is placed over the motor making even more effective the suction nozzle.
Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS
The tape can be pivoted steplessly between 0 ° and 90 °, 90 ° can be added to the table a reference square perpendicular. The belt runs on a shoe made ​​of graphite, to dissipate the heat of processing, better tailor the finish and increase the life of the belt.
Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS
Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS