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Scroll saw RP SS16 V
Scroll saw RP SS16 V
Scroll saw professional a powerful machine and functional for the most demanding professionals.

Powerful 120W motor for cutting any piece without difficulty
Continuous variation of the number of revolutions from 400 to 1600 for different materials
Suction nozzle Ø 35 mm suction
Plan rugged machine, tilting 45 °
Blade guard transparent
Dust blowing device for the continuous cleaning of the cutting line
Large screen viewing protective and guide foot wood easily adjusted to taste
Blade tension by rapid eccentric

Technical data
Code 230 V RPSS16000M
Model RP SS 16 V
Maximum cutting height 0° 50 mm
Blade stroke 15 mm
Throat 406 mm
Length of saw blade 127 mm
Number of strokes 400 - 1600 1'/min
Bevel table +45° - 45°
Power 75W / 230 V
Total dimension 620x285x325 mm
Weight 15 kg
Item code
Standard equipment
Quick blade tensioning lever blade
Plexiglas protection
Presser foot workpiece
Vary port speed in an ergonomic position
Suction nozzle
the pressure of the piece you can adjust it in the most convenient-affirmation as a function of the table
Scroll saw RP SS16 V
The retaining pin of the blade allows you to cancel the oscillation during the process that keeps the blade straight prolonging life and improving the quality of work.
Scroll saw RP SS16 V
A tube positioned as an integrated LED light and the air blower
Scroll saw RP SS16 V
A handy door allows you to store the spare blades
Scroll saw RP SS16 V
Scroll saw RP SS16 V
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