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Planing and thicknessing PT 260
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
The planer and thickness Record Power PT 260 has a working width of 260 mm, the support structure with wheels and locking is included, is a plane compact and space-saving ideal for your hobby

The heart of any planer is the table and bed. The PT260-X features a cast iron thicknessing bed for strength and rigidity and boasts a 150mm thicknessing capacity.

The specially hardened surfacing tables are a generous 1 metre in length and will plane boards up to 260 mm wide.
The powerful induction motor enables the machine to remove up to 3mm in a single pass.

Beware cheap copies - they often use cheaper components (such as aluminium thicknessing tables) and poor quality motors, electrics and switches. We have sold thousands of these machines over many years and have continually upgraded and improved components and features so that we can give it our market leading 5 year guarantee with total confidence.

Technical data
Model PT 260
Code art 230V JRPPT260M
Dimensions dressing table 1030x 280 mm
Maximum planing width 260 mm
Parallel stop 610x 122 mm
aluminium planing stop 0 /- 45°
Max. chipping 3 mm
Number of cutting knifes 2
Speed 2800 giri/min
Cut per min 13.000
Cutter spindle Ø 63 mm
Dimensions thicknessing table 400x 260 mm
Min / Max spessore 6/160 mm
Infeed speed 5 m/min.
Suck off nozzle Ø 100 mm
Power 230 V/50 Hz 2000 W
Dimensions LxWxH in mm 1040 x 930 x 1100 mm
Weight 80 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
Set of 2-speed steel knives
Switch electromagnetic release
Protection according to CE
Stand with support wheels
Suction nozzle for external extraction
Accessory alignment knives
Automatic, constant feed with return stroke protection. The toothed draw-in roller allows to draw-in the wood constantly.
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
The spring-loaded draw-in rollers avoid formation of prints on the wood. The thicknessing table is guided on four colums.
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
The aluminium dressing limit stop can be inclined by 45°. The set inclination can easily read from the scale.
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
The adjustment of the cutting knife is performed with the setting gauge for cutting knifes.
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
The table height-adjustment is simply and easily performed by means of a crank. The interchangeable suction hood is used for dressing and thicknessing
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
The serial moving mechanism with two steering rollers allow easy transport. Simply step on the roller bow to push the rollers downward in order to move the machine. The rollers return to normal position by actuating a spring clip.
Planing and thicknessing PT 260
Planing and thicknessing PT 260