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Band saw JWBS 14 Q
Band saw JWBS 14 Q
The JWBS Q 14 is the ideal machine for small labortori, suitable for general use precision.

The main characteristics are the wheels balanced and coated with a special shape with polyurethane rubber "barrel" that drives the blade, but does not allow the teeth of the same damaging the wheel; the underbody supported by two parts, the output of the front blades that can never remove the guide and at the same time have a stable guide and sturdy.


  • 14Q have quick blade tensioning lever dual function: 1 detensioning position when the machine is at rest, 2 total release of the blade for a quick change
  • Machine structure with a new design that increases torsional stiffness in case it is required a large tensioning of the blade
  • Precision rip fence with locking lever to a "hand" for mounting "T" shaped and curved guide (the single point of support allows you to make parallel cuts on curved shapes)
  • Largo flatbed cast iron tiltable in two directions and supported by two supports half-moon
  • Wheels cast iron flywheel, balanced and coated with PU resin
  • Precision blade guides above and below floor enhance the performance and life of the blade
  • Simple and precise adjustment of the upper blade guide using the telescopic guard rack and pinion
  • A cursor fixed to the guide blade protection, indicates exactly the cutting height
  • A great flyer cast iron allows you to tension the blade, with a slider and a millimeter scale you check the correct tension
  • The tension of the blade is controlled by a special window on the side of the machine
Technical data
Model JWBS 14 Q
Cod. art 230 V 10000855M
Cutting capacity 90° 200 mm
Band saw blade min 3 mm
Band saw blade Max 25 mm
Width of rip cut 350 mm
Blade length 2560
Table size 500x385 mm
Table tilting -10° / 45°
Stop tilting 90°
Wheel diameter 355 mm
N° fo speed 1
Speed of cut 800 m/1'
Power output 230V S1 550 W
Power input 230V S6 950W S6
Dimension 770x650x1800 mm
Weight 90 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Item code
Standard equipment
Saw blade
Team fence
Curvilinear guide
Suction nozzle 100 mm
A chip brush provides for free running surfaces of the driving wheels. Flywheels guarantee smooth running
Band saw JWBS 14 Q
Band saw JWBS 14 Q
Changing the aluminium stop by means of a quick-action lever within seconds in order to work with a flat stop.
Band saw JWBS 14 Q
The blade guide has 3 adjustable guides and slightly rubbed to ensure optimum guidance
Band saw JWBS 14 Q
Band saw JWBS 14 Q
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